Sweet Saturdays: Super Drool-worthy Edition

Sweet Saturdays: Super Drool-worthy Edition

So many desserts, so little time! Getting a dinner ready in thirty minutes is all about tradeoffs. Here at 30 Minute Dinner Party headquarters, I don’t get to bake desserts as often as I would like, but I do find an insane number delectable treats every week in my research. So every Sweet Saturday I’ll be bringing you a round-up of my favorite new desserts from around the web. Let me know if you try them at home!

dusted by Flickr user seven spoons * tara

I can’t even remember if I baked anything this week. It’s been that kind of week.

In My Kitchen

I did, however, fire up the ice cream maker.

Sorbet is the only dessert I can think about lately because of Scream Sorbet. Their tagline is “Amazing sorbet at a Bay Area farmers’ market near you!” and man, are they right. Though a bit pricey ($8-$10 for a pint), their sorbet is to die for. Or, at least, it’s on 7×7’s list of 100 things to try before you die.

Every week at the farmers’ market, I taste the flavors and question what goes into them. Want killer coffee hazelnut sorbet? 1 part blue bottle coffee, 2 parts hazelnut butter, and three parts water.

Around the Web

Maybe I was just craving something sweet, but desserts were the only blog posts I saved in this week. Here’s the highlights:

  • Did you know that Greeks have their own version of rice pudding? Michael Procopio got a first rate education from a darling old Greek woman.
  • As if the salted caramel craze wasn’t enough, David Lebovitz brings us salted butter chocolate chip cookies.
  • Stephanie at Wasabimon unveils the Holy Grail of frosting recipes, courtesy of Garrett McCord.
  • Homemade blueberry donuts. Not enough for you? Pillow-like texture, sugar-y glaze, and sugar dusting. Check them out at seven spoons.
  • Free form tarts, or galettes, are like cheaters tarts. No worrying about perfectly rolled dough, pans, or pre-baking. As always, Helene from Tartelette delivers a beautiful, appetizing and original creation.

Oldies but Goodies

B-e-a-utiful! (As Jim Carrey would say) That’s the only way to describe Mowie Kay’s photography. But a recipe for polenta whoopie pies? That is genius. In the best mad scientist way possible.

Financiers (a moist, chewy French tea cookie) are only of those delectable French treats that I have never dared to make. Dorie Greenspan’s recipe, however, makes them seem achievable, if not easy.

Enjoy! And if you make any of these goodies, let me know how it goes.


  1. yum. all summer, i have been putting fruit that’s about to meet its end through the blender, then churning it into a sorbet. it is a great way to save those slightly mushy strawberries and wrinkly plums!