Quick, Easy, No-Cook Menus

Colorful Salads

Running the gamut from sour to spicy and exotically sweet to heartily savory, this collection of my favorite no-cook salads is beautiful, nutritious, and varied enough to please any crown. (view here)

Summer Soups

Born on a night of absolutely no time to cook, these dazzling soups are still among my guests favorite dishes. From traditional gazpacho to elegant champagne-watermelon, no one will know it took your ten minutes to make this whole meal. (view here)

Fast Weeknight Menus

Quick and Easy Japanese Menu

Skip the sushi boats and prepare elegant and nutritious Japanese food at home. Two types of tofu will convert even the most soy-averse of your guests while fresh carrot and cucumber salads add color to your table. (view here)

Simple Gourmet Pizza

Ordering in isn’t that only way to get fast pizza. In the same amount of time it takes to place your order in wait for delivery, you could make astonishing pizza at home. This selection is inspired by some of my favorite pasta sauces: putanesca, primavera, and pesto. (view here)

Shapely Pasta Selection

When serving a large group, a selection of pastas is a one of the best way to make large quantities of food quickly. This group of pastas is also a delicious way to feed a vegetarian or lactose-intolerant crowd. (view here)

Adventures in International Cuisine

A Madrid-Inspired Tapas Spread

Delight your guests’ palates with highly flavored Spanish tapas and some good red wine. With a variety of tapas including the ultimate bacon-wrapped dates and a selection of savory toasts and spreads, there is something for everyone. (view here)

South African Feast

Delight those who have never been and those who have lived in South Africa alike with this authentic home-style cooking. A very different by incredibly scrumptious lamb casserole takes second stage and is well complimented by a unique type of chutney and cucumber relish. (view here)

Soul-Warming Thai/Balinese

Whether hot weather makes you crave tropical food or you are looking for a respite from winter’s chill, this set of spicy south asian soup, sauce, and fruit salad is such to fit the bill.   (view here)

Two Maharashtrian Spreads

Marathi (Maharashtrian) food is impossible to find in restaurants, but the perfect Indian food to cook at home as many of the tantalizing bhajis (curries) can be cooked up in a matter of minutes. (view here)

Summer Mexican

Starting off strong with two scrumptious salsas, this mexican menu takes advantage of summer’s best fresh produce with two delicious takes on the classic quesadilla. (view here)

Greek Feast

The ultimate in easy ethnic cuisine. Quickly assemble some greek salad and eggplant dip and let your guests make their own wraps with hummus, pita, and falafel. (view here)

Fancy Food for Impress-worthy Occasions

Intimate French Four Course Dinner

French food so often comes to mind with special occasion restaurants and you can also enjoy it at home with little fuss and effort with this delicate vichyssoise and fruit compote. (view here)

Thanksgiving Spreads

Whether you want the traditional stuffing, turkey, and cranberries or something more avant garde, there are quick menus here for any type of Thanksgiving. While the traditional menu starts out with a twist on chowder, the modern menu gives cranberries, yam, and squash an exciting upgrade. (view here)

Absolutely Delicious Spring Menu

The best meals have a cohesive undercurrent to a variety of dishes. Fresh spring produce features prominently in both the salad and grain (cous cous), while the simple spring lamb preparation allows the flavors to shine through. (view here)