Thanksgiving Test Kitchen

Newyearsgiving by Paul.Carroll from Flickr

Thanksgiving food is a cuisine in and of itself. When one hears “Thanksgiving,” the mind conjures up images of stuffing, cranberries, and yams that are served almost exclusively for this special culinary occasion.

Though this is one of my favorite types of food, I have one made a few Thanksgiving dinners in my life, and most were decidedly untraditional. This year though, I have been charged with creating the typical American Thanksgiving, and so I have decided to hit the books and do some preparation. The research continues, but here is my list of potential recipes for Thanksgiving dinner this year. Throughout the month of November, I will be testing many of them out on my favorite guinea pigs… I mean… friends.

Let me know if you have more suggestions or think there is a certain dish that particularly stands out from the pack (or that you would like me to make for dinner this week).


  • herb and cheese poppers
  • gruyere-walnut crisps

First Courses

  • chestnut soup topped w/huckleberries and burnt marshmallows
  • butternut squash ravioli w/brown butter
  • hazelnut smoked salmon and leek chowder


  • sea-bass w/fennel salad
  • sole w/lemon shallot brussel sprouts


  • grilled turkey w/toasted fennel and coriander w/fresh thyme gravy
  • turkey with sage butter and cider gravy
  • clementine salted turkey w/rosemary gravy
  • steak w/peppercorns and pomegranate glaze


  • whole wheat stuffing with pancetta, chestnuts and parmesan
  • sourdough w/sausage, apples, golden raisins
  • cornbread w/andoille, fennel, bell peppers
  • sweet potato stuffing w/bacon and thyme
  • english toasting bread, pork sausage, chicken livers, spinach, brandy, almonds, parmesan


  • potato and autumn vegetable hash
  • roasted potatoes w/bacon, onions and sage
  • scalloped potatoes and fennel
  • yams w/maple syrup, walnuts, brandied raisin
  • potato-mushroom gratin
  • course mash of yukon gold, caramelized onions, garlic, parmesan

Veggie Mains

  • butternut squash and chedder bread pudding
  • chedder and chive yorkshire puddings
  • butternut squash latkes w/sage and pinenut yogurt sauce
  • potato latkes w/rosemary and brown butter applesauce
  • baby winter squash w/spiced orange current stuffing

Veggie Sides

  • broccolini w/smoked paprika, almonds and garlic
  • broccolini w/pecan brown butter
  • thyme roasted apples and onions
  • squash risotto w/herbed cranberry sauce
  • sherry vinegar and molasses-glazed carrots
  • smokey greens and beans


  • cranberry sauce with red wine, pomegranate molasses and herbs
  • quince, golden raisin and coriander compote
  • cranberry-mustard relish
  • chipotle cranberry chutney
  • onion marmalade
  • cranberry-satsuma jam


  • butternut squash, endive, apple and blue cheese salad
  • brussel sprout slaw w/mustard and maple-glazed pecans
  • carrot and cranberry salad w/fresh ginger dressing


  • almond and marmelade torte w/lattice crust
  • steamed persimmon pudding w/cinnemon creme anglaise
  • mock mincemeat pie
  • oranges w/pomegranate molasses and honey
  • bourbon pecan tart
  • chestnut-armagnac souffle
  • chocolate-coffee gingerbread w/hazelnut and poached pears
  • fruitcake cookies
  • earl gray chocolate truffles
  • spiced brandy semifreddo w/cranberries
  • cranberry and vanilla bean sorbet


  • Koffie van Brunt (cherry, orange, cinnamon)
  • Hot buttered apple cider
  • mulled wine