More About Me

Born to Party

I think I have always been meant to entertain.

At four . . .
I worried my parents half to death by sneaking out to host a tea party with the neighborhood kids.

At fourteen . . .
I started throwing my annual holiday cocktail party. (There weren’t cocktails back then, but there was a lot of home cooked food)

At eighteen . . .
I made fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies for dorm gatherings on my George Forman baking pan.

And at twenty-one . . .
I orchestrated Italian dinners for thirty to forty every other week with fresh pasta and handmade gnocchi.

A Place of My Own

Many people cook more when they get their first apartment.

This was true for me at first; I loved spending the afternoon in my sun-filled kitchen. I made ravioli from scratch and serving intimate dinners to friends.

As happens to many of us, life took over. I started doing professional theater and my evenings were no longer my own. Those small dinners with friends were non-existant and even finding time to cook for myself was increasingly difficult.

We All Go Back to Our Roots

Preparing my own food, knowing where the food I eat has come from and what is in it, is deeply important to me. This blog is my constant reminder in that quest.

I hope it can inspire you to share the joy of cooking and eating at home with the people in your life as well.

gabi at 30minutedinnerparty dot com