Weekly Recipe Round-up

So many recipes. So little time.

While I am looking for ways to make specific dishes or catching up on other blogs in my inbox, I happen across so many recipes that I would love to make and share with you. Since I would never post a recipe that I had not already tested on my favorite guinea pigs with fantastic results, I am going to start a weekly round-up of delicious looking recipes from around the web and blogosphere. If something strikes your fancy and you have the time, please try it and let me know what you think!

Always remember, no recipe is set in stone (even baking, I promise), so feel free to substitute and mix things up and let me know how it goes.

Momos (Chinese/Tibetan dumplings)

Momos are probably one of my favorite foods, hands down. I love all steamed buns and dumplings, but there is something especially juicy about momos which contrast so nicely with the kick of the spicy redsauce. I have never dared try to make them at home, but I have been eyeing this recipe for quite some time.
recipe by Veggie Food Journal

Walnut and Almond Cake (with Orange Pomegranate Compote)

I made ice cream (well Italian semifreddo actually, which brilliantly doesn’t require an ice cream maker) topped with orange and pom for thanksgiving and had the most delicious cookies the other day with walnut, so this recipe really grabbed my attention. It strikes as one of those super dense, european-style cakes, as opposed to the normal fluffy, airy ones we typically have here in the States.
recipe by Bon Appetit Test Kitchen

Pappardelle all’anatra

Duck, rabbit, and wild boar all are commonly used to make super flavorful pasta sauces in Italy, but aren’t cooked as frequently in the U.S. If you do know a place to get your hands on some duck breasts, I highly recommend trying this pasta out.
recipe by Memorie di Angelina

Choco-Cranberry Mousse with a Hair Dryer

I just couldn’t resist this hilarious recipe. Charged with making something that one could bring to a potluck in a hotel room, MacGyver-style, with easy to buy ingredients. The step-by-step, over-flashed, raw photos really depict the experience well, but I can’t help but wonder – how did it taste?
recipe by Gizmodo