Party for a Cause: 1,000 Cooks for the Cure

Party for a Cause: 1,000 Cooks for the Cure

Charity dinners. The phrase conjures up ball gowns, extravagant decor, posing for the style page, and hundreds of plated dinners at $100+ a pop.

Not the kind of thing you do at home with your friends. (In your jeans)

One Thousand Parties

Susan G. Komen for the CureĀ® is inviting cooks everywhere to host their own charity dinners. They are hoping to get one thousand parties (or more).

That’s my kind of weekend!

To host a party all you have to do is invite some friends over during the weekend of July 16-18 and register here.

Skip the Wine, Bring a Donation

The premise is simple, have a party – it can be a cocktail party, cookout, brunch, or seated dinner – and have the guests bring a donation.

At first I was a little worried this might scare off some more thrifty folks, but people bring wine when they come over. Why not just bring the cash they would have used to buy the wine?

Even an inexpensive wine is about $10. If you and your roommate or significant other each gather up four friends, you can easily put together a $100 donation.

Everything You Need

Partnering with KitchenAid, the thousand cooks sign-up page even features a party guide and recipe to download. They have really gone all out.

Though the party planning tips are nice, their menu choices are a little lacking. Simple foods are great for summer, so I recommend:

  • A Hawaiian Cookout (menu)
  • No Cook Soups and Salads (menu + more)
  • Gourmet Pizzas (menu)
  • A Provencal Picnic Menu (menu)

Tastespotting has some more great suggestions here.

Any Time, Any Charity

Missed the boat for this week? Already have plans or can’t pull together a party on short notice?

Okay, so maybe the Susan G. Komen event is out, but why not throw your own charity dinner? Whenever, wherever, whatever cause. It doesn’t need to be this weekend and it doesn’t need to be breast cancer. Pick something you are passionate about, find a non-profit, and throw a party.

Honestly, do you really need an excuse to B-B-Q? And what could be better than socially responsible socializing?


  1. Nirvana Mamma

    21 July

    What a great idea! I used to live in San Jose, BTW. Grew up in Morgan Hill! I wonder if you live near there. Saw your comment on my blog. “Challenge” is a strong word. If you’re trying to get people like me (who seriously can’t cook), to cook, then that would be a challenge and you should use it. If you’re trying to get normal people to cook (who can do more than boil water), then help, teach, support, motivate, or encourage are a bit gentler. You would have to reword a bit. What do you think? Totally up to you. I’m not great at this, and I’m still rewording my own. I love, love, love, “Menus, recipes, and cooking tips to inspire you.” I want to be inspired. I really do. Adding you to my reader.