Insta-Indian Dinner: 30 Minute Curry Menu

Insta-Indian Dinner: 30 Minute Curry Menu

Even my Indian friends don’t believe me when I say that you can easily make a curry in less than 30 minutes.

But as any fan of Marathi cuisine knows, you can make Indian dishes in as few as five minutes.

Spreading the Love

Upon seeing my recipe list, one of my friends joked that the Indian section is more Maharashtrian than Indian. I have decided it is time to rectify this oversight.

Northern Indian food tends to be time-consuming and full of butter and cream. Since quick and healthy food is the mainstay here at the 30 Minute Dinner Party, I have been focusing on lesser-known bhajis that deliver delicious Indian food in record time.

However, there are some wonderful Northern Indian dishes that defy these myths.

30 Minute Curry Menu

  • Aloo Subzi (curried potatoes)
  • Resh Paneer (fried cheese with spiced onions)
  • Raita (sweet, spiced yogurt)
  • Basmati Rice + Rotis (flat bread)
  • Chai Tea and Soaf

You’ll want to serve everything at the same time, so it can be nice to have a little something out when your guests arrive. Indian snack mixes are a great choice. They are a bit salty, to get guests ready to drink, and have a lively mix of flavors to get taste buds going.

To drink, I always advise Riesling with Indian food. Dry wines can really clash with the flavors. Sometimes, the food is even less tasty when it clashes with the wine’s finish in your mouth.

After dinner, bring out a bowl of soaf, a fennel-based mouth freshener, and fresh chai tea. You can it in the Indian store, usually with the spices, in plastic packs. There is a massive variety of flavors available, but I have found ones mixed with sugar coated bits or dried coconut to be most popular with Americans.

  • mins 1-5: Start the water for the potatoes and the onions for the paneer dish. Cube and fry the paneer.
  • mins 6-10: Make the raita.
  • min 11: Start cooking the rice.
  • mins 12-25: Finish the paneer dish, tidy up the house, and set the table. Make your own rotis if you are feeling adventurous.
  • mins 26-30: Mash the potatoes and cook them with the spices.