From Zero to Chef: How to cook well at home

From Zero to Chef: How to cook well at home

People know that they should cook at home more often. It is healthier and less expensive. It brings families together and gives you a sense of accomplishment. But still, that isn’t reason enough for many people.

Though it is difficult to measure, hopeful food writes all over believe that the recession has caused an increase in home cooking. However, as Reuters uncovered, people are may in fact be eating at home more often – they are just eating packaged food.

What is it that keeps you from cooking? Do you…

  • find recipes that look great but feel overwhelmed by exotic ingredients or complicated cooking methods?
  • think you don’t have the right cooking gadgets?
  • cry when you chop onions?
  • or just cringe on the inside at the though of chopping anything?

A lot of people just don’t know where to start. If you are feeling like that, you are not alone…but you are in luck.

The 30 Minute Dinner Party is bringing you a series on how to be a kick-ass home chef – not just a cook, but an innovative, impressive, awe-inspiring chef.


  • the good, the bad, and the ugly of Epicurious
  • how to multi-task in the kitchen
  • the most useful kitchen gadgets, and what flashy items you should live without
  • how to chop anything quickly
  • the best free recipe resources
  • when it’s better to use canned ingredients instead of fresh

and, most importantly:

  • how to plan out your cooking in advance

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