One of the most enjoyable parts about holidays are the special foods that one only gets to eat during that one day or season each year. How many Americans start thinking whimsically of their Thanksgiving meal once pumpkins and pies start filling the market?

Food and culture are inextricably linked. In Bali, one never converses over food. Eating is communing with the divine and done in silence, by oneself. In Italy, meals are long affairs where family or friends gather together to talk for hours and enjoy each other’s company.

Though eating habits vary widely from place to place, holiday celebrations bear some strong resemblance. Religious or secular, these are times for people to gather together and nosh on particular dishes or treats. Whether lawar, stuffing, panettone, choco, latkes, or murrukku, these holiday foods have a special place in all of our hearts.


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Valentine’s Day

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