40 Reasons Why Dinner Parties Will Rock Your World

40 Reasons Why Dinner Parties Will Rock Your World

A lot of people have been championing eating at home these days. After all, there is a recession going.

But I’m here to tell you that eating at home shouldn’t be a penny-pinching chore. Or a sad side effect of a very restrictive diet. Or self-punishment for blowing your self-imposed diet.

When you entertain at home, eating in goes from a being chore to an oasis. There is this sort of zen that sets in over a great dinner party. A departure from life and routine where you are loved and entertained and well-fed and surrounded by friends, perfect music and excellent conversation. It’s a bit like being drunk, but healthier.

I know, it is easy to be skeptical, mostly because throwing a dinner party sounds like a time consuming pain in the a**. But here are forty reasons that dinner parties will revolutionize your dining, socializing, and spending.

Your table is always ready…

1.      There’s never a 45 minute wait.
2.      You don’t have to wait to be seated till your whole party arrives,
3.      and no one rushes you to leave.
4.      There’s no need to make reservations,
5.      or rush so you don’t miss them.
6.      You don’t need to spend hours researching restaurants,
7.      or risk alienating vegetarian / vegan / gluten-intolerant / lactose-intolerant friends.
8.      No need to dress up
9.      or go out in bad weather.
10.    You can change the music,
11.    turn off the AC,
12.    and sit in the comfiest chair.
13.    You never have to wonder why your food hasn’t come,
14.    or worry that the waiter has spit in your soup.

What you want is always on the menu…

15.    You get inside information from the cook,
16.    and your food is always made fresh
17.    (to your exact specifications).
18.    If you can’t cook, get your friends to help
19.    or bring something.
20.    It’s the perfect opportunity to hone your skills
21.    and test new dishes on willing guinea pigs.
22.    You can salt to your taste,
23.    and make sure the medium rare is really medium and rare.
24.    You don’t have to travel half the world for exotic cuisine.

The price is always right…

25.    You can feed eight people for the price of one,
26.    get wine by the bottle for the price of a glass,
27.    and always keep the leftovers.
28.    You can stick to your budget without skipping socializing,
29.    and justify all that dinnerware you got as a wedding gift
30.    or buying in bulk at Costco.

There’s no more comfortable way to socialize…

31.    No worrying about an awkward encounter with your ex.
32.    It’s the perfect, low-risk way to see that cute guy from the coffee shop,
33.    or set up your friends, if you’re taken.
34.    Your friends will be touched to be so well welcomed into your home,
35.    that they will be delighted to come back,
36.    or return the favor (dinner parties are contagious),
37.    or bring you a great hostess gift.
38.    Cooking for someone is a timeless way to show affection,
39.    and cooking together is an amazing way to bond.

And most importantly…

40.    Because you can do it in thirty minutes.

There are many more reasons why dinner parties rock, but I had to stop somewhere. What are your favorites that I missed?