Live from IFBC: How to Make Perfect Pizza Dough fr...

Live from IFBC: How to Make Perfect Pizza Dough from Rolling Fire

My new word of the day: extensible.

You know when you are trying to roll out pizza dough and it just keeps bouncing back when you stretch it? You haven’t let your dough reach the correct extensibility.

On the flip side, if your dough breaks when you try to stretch it, then it doesn’t have enough elasticity.

Great Dough Needs Both

For the best handling (and best tasting) pizza, there are a few easy things you can do to give your pizza both extensibility and elasticity:

  • Work your dough well when you make it. Elasticity comes from good, old working with your hands. If you don’t give your dough enough love early on, it will break when you roll it.
  • Give it rest. For pizza dough to have the right extensibility, you need to let it rest. Two to three hours should do, but if it’s cold, you will need to wait at least four.
  • Keep it airtight. While the dough rests, it can dry if it isn’t well sealed. Dry dough causes little hard bits on your pizza, and no one wants that.

Courtesy of the Rolling Fire food truck here in Seattle. Now go have a pie!

  1. C. Mitchell

    5 September

    Hi Gabi, How was the IFBC? I was so sad to have missed it. I had been looking forward to it for months. How were the goody bags? Did you learn lots? c.

  2. Kitchen Report

    16 September

    Oh this is great! I was live, blogging, too, from IFBC, but I didn’t think to post tips from the awesome food trucks. *Loved* this pizza. Fun site!