Menu for Thanksgiving Test Dinner #2

Menu for Thanksgiving Test Dinner #2

More details soon, but here is the menu for Thanksgiving Test Kitchen #2 tonight.


  • Butternut squash latkes with sage and pinenut yogurt sauce
  • Spicy cauliflower latkes with za’atar aioli

First course:

  • Hazelnut smoked salmon and leek chowder

Main course:


  • Steamed persimmon pudding w/cinnemon creme anglaise

Off to do some grocery shopping!
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  1. Miserere

    10 November

    As one of the fortunate guests selected by our lovely host to partake in this dinner test, I can emphatically claim it was the most delicious Thanksgiving meal I have ever enjoyed, and I’ll have you know I’ve eaten superlative Thanksgiving food in my time.

    The chowder was nothing short of perfect, and yet our talented host outdid herself with the main course. Like a symphony, where each instrument in the orchestra plays to create a piece so much greater than the sum of the parts, the main course was culinary synergy, a flowing blend of flavours and textures—the ingredients intertwined in such a way that one could not have imagined eating them alone. Indeed, I cannot imagine eating any of these dishes ever again unless prepared once more by our fabulous host, such was the calibre of her cooking.

    This was not a meal, this was Art!

  2. 30minutedinnerparty

    10 November

    Wow – you write about my food far better than I ever could! I am completely humbled by your glowing assessment.

    I think I need to make you the main writer and I will just cook for you every night as payment and inspiration 🙂

    But if Karina won’t let you take me up on that offer, I at least hope you get a chance to try some of my main-stay dishes soon, instead of a string of (thankfully successful) experiments.