Now featuring: Fantastic new food photographers!

Now featuring: Fantastic new food photographers!

You may not have noticed, but my brussels sprout slaw photo last week shares an eerie resemblance with Bon Appetit’s. Coincidence? Paranormal activity? Plagiarism? Nope. Pure skill. That is the work of Jessica Gioglio, one of my new guest food photographers.

Jessica keeps herself busy at her blog, The Savvy Bostonian, and as the Boston Nightlife Events Examiner, and of course, with her day job as Consumer Public Relations Specialist for, a popular online travel community. Recently, when Obama-mania swept Martha’s Vineyard, Jessica’s photos of president-inspired tacos and other wacky tourist fare were splashed across the likes of CNN and CNBC.

Though you haven’t seen his work yet, I promise you will be impressed when my newest photographically inclined guest’s photos hit the site. In our tricky, poorly (I mean…romantically) lit living room, he manages to make photographic magic happen.

This highly secretive artist chronicles his obsession with all things photography at Enticing the Light and can always be trusted to have a camera in his pocket when some great looking food hits the table. When he isn’t wowing dinner guests with his excellent James Bond voices or photographing Life around the globe, he is rumoured to be a scientist working tirelessly to save the World from total annihilation.